Austin Smith
Executive Chairman
Wealth Recovery International was founded by Austin Smith to redress binary options fraud. Prior to its founding, Austin worked for two binary options companies, Rushmore Marketing (Magnum Options, Boss Capital, Redwood, TR Binary Options & 10 Trade) and Numaris Communications (Binary Book, Big Option). Once Austin realized the true nature of the industry, he left and ultimately set up Wealth Recovery International to help victims recover their stolen funds. It is due to this inside information that Austin was able to successfully help victims of binary options fraud. In the past few years Austin has become a de facto expert on international binary and forex fraud and has been invited to speak at conferences around the world regarding these scams. He is committed to the fight against this fraudulent industry and to helping scammed victims recover their assets.






Mission Statement

Wealth Recovery was founded by Austin Smith to help victims of binary options fraud recover their money from the fraudulent companies. Austin was a former employee of two different binary companies; Rushmore Marketing & Numaris Communications. Once he realized the true nature of the industry, Austin continued working in the companies to covertly gather information and intelligence to help victims recover their money. This expanded to become the successful company it is today using the same model of gathering information from former employees and undercover agents to expose the perpetrators and help victims from across the financial fraud industry.

About Us

Wealth Recovery International offers a full range of asset recovery services through specialized business intelligence gathering.

We provide full asset recovery across the following industries:

• Binary options
• Forex
• Cryptocurrencies
• and other international financial fraud.

Binary Options Fraud

Using sophisticated investigative techniques, Wealth Recovery International has recovered millions of dollars for victims of binary options fraud – a multi-billion-dollar international industry.

As an intelligence gathering agency that specializes in the binary options industry, we have recruited former employees from unregulated binary options brands to provide unique and detailed intelligence on the inner workings of this scam industry, including Options XO, Rushmore Marketing, 24 Options, Numaris Communications and more. This kind of intelligence is invaluable and critical to our high success.

We have assisted government agencies in their pursuit of the companies committing this fraud, which in turn has provided recovery for the victims.

Due to our extensive network of international attorneys and investigators, and our collaboration with former government agents, we are uniquely specialized to provide recovery solutions to clients around the world.

We offer our clients the following services:

✓ Asset recovery
✓ Risk management
✓ Litigation advisory
✓ Crisis management
✓ Claims assessment






Strong and positive relationships are what differentiates Wealth Recovery International from other companies.


We believe in holding ourselves and others to the letter of the law. It is our duty to prevent the violation of our most basic rights.


We dedicate ourselves to our clients and maintain the highest standards of trustworthiness and reliability.


We employ many strategies to help recover your lost assets and we pledge to work non-stop until our clients have received justice.