Binary Options – The Anatomy of a Scam


Investigative Reporter Mario Chistodoulou of Background Briefing turns his attention in his latest episode to discuss Binary Options – the biggest financial scam facing Australians today.

It is a fascinating insight into the state of the binary options fraud industry today with first hand evidence and live recordings of the scam in action.

It was our pleasure to assist Mario in his report, we hope it goes a long way to both exposing these scam artists and deterring any potential future victims.

We were happy to sit down with Mario and help assist him and his listeners in getting a better understanding of just how this industry blew up to such levels. The episode goes into Mario’s attempts to uncover the real actors behind the unregulated binary options trading company Binary Tilt – a name we are all to familiar with at Wealth Recovery International.

The size of the problem ‘down under’ should not be underestimated – Australia is seen as the perfect place to target potential victims and the numbers speak for themselves.

You can listen to the radio documentary here:

The volume of consumer complaints against unregulated Binary Options brands by Australians has sparked the authorities to take action.

It is easy to see from the graph below why Australian’s have been so targeted by unregulated binary options brands. Remember, in binary options, deposit = loss.


The more exposure there is, the less success these sophisticated scammers will have.



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