Binary Options Is a Total Scam

The Real Story Behind the Sordid Binary Trading Business

You might have heard about binary options trading and binary options scam in passing, but what you don’t realize is the whole industry is a scam, which has been estimated to steal $10 billion per year from its victims annually. They present themselves as online investment brokers, promising massive return rates, and have managed to rob tens of thousands of innocent people of their life savings.

Their product is binary options, a simple financial instrument where traders have to assess whether a stock, currency or commodity’s value will go up or down in the stock market in a selected period. Unlike real options, you’re not trading against the live market but the broker, who has rigged the whole system. When it comes to unregulated binary options operations – Your Money is Never Actually Invested.


Binary Options Scam

Yes, the whole system is a big fat lie hidden behind sophisticated platforms and dashboards to lure you into “investing” more. No interaction with an exchange takes place. The broker is the house and the charts on the binary options websites are nothing more than a graphic video game with bright colors and flashing numbers. The business model is the same as an online casino. Now imagine if the online casinos had “expert investors” who not only would assist you in placing bets but would earn their commission based on how much you have lost. This is the upside down logic of a binary options trader. You lose, they win, it really is a simple as that. Everything else is a distraction to ensure you lose as much as possible.

Everything seems very professional until the account managers can’t convince you to invest more, and then they turn against you. Suddenly all your trades, which were winning before, start going south and you’re on a steady losing streak. When you want to withdraw your remaining funds, you meet all sorts of delays and hidden conditions pop up.  This is the binary options scam.


Behind the Scenes: It’s All a Facade

In reality, most binary options trading companies are located in Israel and around 95% of the brokers are unregulated. The brokers are young sales people, usually new immigrants (that’s why they sound native) who want to earn big paychecks in costly Tel Aviv. Operating in a morally deprived environment these young immigrants are trained to lie, use aggressive sales tactics and play on clients’ emotions to get them to deposit money. They use fake names and don’t have any financial training. Don’t fall victim to a professional looking website.


binary options scam brokers
Binary options brokers use the scam to live the high life.


How They Evade the Law

At this stage, you’re probably wondering if this large-scale scam has been around for years how come they haven’t been stopped by the authorities. Binary options scammers developed elaborate contingency plans to keep the money they stole. A holding company would be set up in Israel with shell companies abroad so that when users looked up the company name the business would appear to be in their country. Once traders got scammed their local law enforcement agencies couldn’t help them because it wasn’t in their jurisdictions.


Can Victims Get Their Money Back From Binary Options Scam?

Most people scammed don’t realize they have a legal recourse, chalk up the experience to poor judgment and try to move on with their lives. They don’t realize how big the binary options scam is and most importantly they don’t know there is something they can do about it.

Wealth Recovery is an intelligence gathering agency started by immigrants in Israel, sick of the bad reputation seedy businesses like forex and binary options were casting on the country. The founders of this Manhattan-based business formulated a plan that would help victims get their money back as well as a sense of justice.

Wealth Recovery’s founder, Austin Smith elaborates: “Wealth Recovery International works tirelessly on behalf of the clients that we serve. It is due to the men and women that fearlessly combat this illicit and immoral scam that we owe our success.”

binary options scam
You don’t give up hope. Your money can be recovered.


Wealth Recovery’s expertise lies in their team of investigators who dig up the real identities and locations of the criminals behind the companies. Working together with a team of lawyers in Israel who have expertise in asset recovery and financial fraud, Wealth Recovery has been able to recover over $4 million for their clients and they have not lost a single case.

“Wealth Recovery were my white knights, coming in with a plan, attorneys on board and an international network of information” says Steve Koel, Wealth Recovery’s first client.


Binary Options Scam: Money Recovered

Northern California businessman, Koel invested his life savings into an unregulated binary options company, one of the companies connected to recent FBI arrest. Steve was a victim of classic binary options scam techniques: Initially he saw large returns and he was too busy enjoying the profits that he didn’t pay attention to the warning signs. But after a while, he noticed his personal account managers were making obvious mistakes. Wealth Recovery helped Koel recover his entire investment of $1.5 million.

Many of the clients that we recover money for want to maintain their anonymity and not garner attention as a victim of binary options fraud. We work with our clients and respect their personal preferences. Some people, such as the examples above, have the opposite opinion. They want to spread the message in the hope that it will help others that feel like they have nowhere to turn and no hope of getting back the money that was stolen from them. We are just happy to assist in taking down the binary options scam one client at a time.

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  • John Rattray

    Very,very interesting – I’ve lost only 500 Euros that I can ill-afford in our retirement & have had no response from the company that I initially invested the money with – disappeared of the face of the Earth or the ether. May try Wealth Recovery later on???

  • Balwant S Kalsi

    It Is good to know some one is helping are they helping clients in U K , would be glad to know I am also a victim of similar scams.

    • Shelley Levin

      Balwant, we do work with UK clients. We’re sorry you’ve lost money with a scam. We can assess if we can help you with a few more details. Please fill out the form at this link: and we’ll be in touch.

  • Duncan Sinclair

    I was scammed by Titan trade of 65K

    • Shelley Levin

      Duncan, we’re sorry to hear you were scammed. We may be able to help you, however, we’ll need a few more details. Please fill out the form at this link and we’ll be in touch:

  • Ann

    Thank you for the great article! This is a warning not just to potential traders, but governments as well. It’s easy to prosecute all scammers- they advertise their dirty work everywhere!

  • rob

    i lost £130 to one2trade and when my funds were getting low they tried to take £12,000 out of my bank but I blocked it. I still have a little bit of money left in the acct but cant get it back

  • Imran

    I lost £300 which i invested with a company called option rally. i also lost £900 profit that i made that they kept and refused to pay. total scam!

    • Shelley Levin

      Imran, I’m sorry to hear you lost your money. The £900 profit you mention was not real – the dashboard you were shown was faked by the platform to look real. We are unable to retrieve such small amounts because there are lawyer fees to pay.


    Hello everyone, is anyone having problems withdrawing from IQOptions?

    • Shelley Levin

      Hi Jacob, we recommend staying away from all binary options brokers as 95% of them are scams. You might be dealing with a scam and have a case. Please fill out the form on this page and we’ll assess if you have a case.