FinTelegrams’ Antisemitic Contributors Werner Boehm & Elfriede Sixt Liable of Embezzlement, Defrauding Shareholders and Slandering Business Associates

FinTelegram’s Elfriede Sixt & Werner Boehm: Liable For Fraud


Recently, Wealth Recovery International has been attacked with slanderous articles by the online blog of Werner Boehm and Elfriede Sixt, FinTelegram.

Boehm’s and Sixt’s history follows a pattern: establish a business relationship; defraud and/or slander said business associate; embezzle company money and repeat.

Wealth Recovery are the latest to be on the receiving end of Boehm’s and Sixt’s slander, so here is the truth:

Sixt reached out to Wealth Recovery for assistance in gathering intel on binary options fraud in the fall of 2018. We obliged with intel and signed a non disclosure agreement with Fintelegram in regards to Veltyco. However, we declined further cooperation with FinTelegram once Sixt and Boehm made antisemitic slurs and behaved in a most unprofessional manner during subsequent meetings. As well, upon conducting a due diligence check, we learned that Boehm and Sixt were sued by former business associates of BitRush Corp., Karsten Arend, Hansjoerg Wagner for fraud and misappropriation of funds.

According to court documents, Werner Boehm as CEO of publicly traded company BitRush Corp., refused to certify quarterly financial statements. Sixt, as the accountant of BitRush Corp., collaborated with him in this scheme. Boehm excused this fraudulent move by slandering the former CTO of BitRush, of money laundering and blackmail. The judge ruled that Boehm’s “unwilling(ness) to work with certain individuals who he said were involved in money laundering had no basis in fact at the time and were improper” and that the “legitimate business dispute [was] caused solely by Boehm’s failure to honour his prior agreements with Dr. Kalcher”.  Werner’s attempt to commit fraud and blame one of his employees resulted in him being removed from BitRush by the board.


Werner & Elfriede Were Held Liable


The attached court case Arend v. Boehm, 2017 ONSC 3582 gives a summary of the Court’s decision against Boehm and Sixt. Consequently, BitRush was successful in removing their CEO after he had breached his fiduciary duties.

Werner was caught and forced to pay back $561,000 CAD of misappropriated and unsupported transfers to a his other company, MezzaCap.





Boehm’s modus operandi is committing fraud, slandering and creating controversies with former business associates, whether it is BitRush, Wealth Recovery International or even IBM. Prior to the Bitrush scandal, Boehm was faced with an earlier scandal as CEO of Yline Internet Business Services AG, which filed for bankruptcy in 2001. The German prosecutor Thoma Kepper, accused the company of “producing nothing in the few years it existed…but collected a lot of money for it, it [the bankruptcy] is clearly a suspected criminal action”. Surprisingly, Elfriede Sixt was the auditor of this company as well.


Take 3

In sum, FinTelegram is owned by Werner Boehm. UK Companies House shows that there is also a Werner Böhm & a Werner Franz Boehm. Variations of name spelling is a very common ploy by fraudsters who want to obscure their ownership of multiple entities.


Werner Boehm/ Werner Franz Boehm/ Werner Böhm is a character with a shady track record of embezzlement from his own company, who then publishes misinformation and false accusations to protect himself. FinTelegram continues to publish falsified and defamatory news articles, just as he did at BitRush. Boehm’s sidekick throughout and co defendant in the BitRush corruption, is Elfriede Sixt. According to her bio, Sixt specializes in Crowdfunding (gathering other peoples money), Token Sale Design, Cryptocurrencies and Blockchain. She is also the owner of EFRI, a company which claims to recover money for fraud victims.

The slanderous attacks on Wealth Recovery are one thing. However, most concerning, is the combination of lack of evidence and the abundance of errors in the supposed informative reports of fraudulent entities published by FinTelegram. Wealth Recovery suspects that FinTelegram is a propaganda machine to protect binary options/crypto trading owners and their confederates.

We caution anyone against reading FinTelegram as a news source and using EFRI as a plausible recovery option.


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