A New Scam: Fake Class Actions

Don’t get scammed again! We’ve recently got wind of a company with a class suit that we believe is a scam. America Claim Solutions is claiming to be an asset recovery company but a lot of their communication is contrary to standard law practices.

What Is the Scam?

A company calling themselves America Claim Solutions is claiming they are putting a binary options scam class action together. Sources tell us they are contacting clients via email asking them to join the lawsuit and to pay this company large amounts of money upfront.

Wealth Recovery would like to make it clear that we are not in any way associated with this so-called class action. Wealth Recovery’s M.O. is investigating binary options fraud and referring clients to lawyers to help victims of fraud recover their lost money. Wealth Recovery doesn’t cold call clients – our clients initiate contact themselves.

How a Class Action Suit Actually Works

A class action is a collective lawsuit by a group of people with a similar grievance against the same company or individual. A class action suit is prepared by a lawyer. Not legal services or recovery asset specialists. Attorneys don’t solicit clients via email. Additionally, a lawyer’s first time speaking with potential new clients wouldn’t be via email either. A client of ours recently forwarded us the documents she was emailed, with an amateur layout.

Most importantly, in a class action suit, a single party wouldn’t be asked to pay anyone that isn’t a law firm or solo practitioner lawyer.

One of our clients sent us a copy of the email they received, with the following documents:

This document would not be part of a real class action suit
If you receive something like this beware that this is likely a scam
another document that wouldn't be part of a class action suit
This does not look like the work of a legitimate lawyer

Beware Copycats

We take our work helping victims of binary options very seriously and pride ourselves on creating a company that is professional and transparent. When scam artists claim to be asset recovery specialists it undermines our hard work in helping victims get their money back. The most important take away for us at the end of the day is that you don’t get scammed again. If you’ve been contacted by America Claim Solutions ignore it. Better yet mark any emails they send as spam.

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  • Raul Saavedra

    Do you deal also with crypto currency scam. Like a bitcoin scam. Please advice.

    • Shelley Levin

      Hi Raul, unfortunately at the moment we don’t but we are working on finding a solution for this.

  • mzwah

    hi if i want to be part of a legitimate binary options copmany and you their system in my account. do your a person like me

    • Shelley Levin

      Hi Mzwah, in our experience people don’t make money from binary options and we don’t recommend participating in any online binary options or forex trading as 99% of brokers are scammers. Your best move is to avoid these platforms altogether.

  • Paul Young

    I have a legitimate claim, but have been unable to send money in advance. Is there any other way to recover my losses.to Bloombex and PlatinuMarkets.

    • Shelley Levin

      Hi Paul, Wealth Recovery doesn’t ask for money from its clients but legal proceedings do cost money. How much did you invest out of pocket? The bonuses and earnings you made on the dashboard were all fake and are not counted in recovering funds. All discussions about payment would be discussed with your attorney.

  • Natasha

    Stoxmarket and toroption a scam?