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The tide is turning & the false allure of binary options trading is starting to fade as the truth comes out. Victims of this fraud are teaming up with a binary options lawyer and recouping the money that was stolen from them. For these victims it can be very hard to understand who to approach for the right help. Finding the right lawyer always carries some risk, finding the right binary options lawyer can take this challenge to whole new levels. For the people we speak to who have been victims of fraud, it is especially important to ensure that they are comfortable and satisfied with their binary options lawyer.

One of our biggest challenges when speaking to a victim is educating them on the true scope, scale and lack of morals that encapsulates the binary options industry. The scope and scale are relatively easy to explain, however, getting the client to appreciate the unethical nature of the people with whom they have (in many cases) developed personal relationships is tougher. In our experience, many simply don’t want to believe that they were naive enough to fall for the false promises of a modern-day snake oil salesman. We are dedicated to spreading the truth no matter what. At Wealth Recovery, we face a tirade of fake news on a weekly basis; copycat websites, fake reviews, fake contacts and attacks on our website are just part and parcel of standing up to this corruption.

We fight our own battles against these unregulated binary options companies so you don’t have to. The industry is rotten, and navigating your way to your end goal (getting your money back) can seem impossible if you don’t know what’s real and what’s fake. Like any organization targeting an organized crime network, you should expect push back; we see it as a sign that what we are doing is working.

One of the few trustworthy fin-tech websites out there, Finance Feeds, received their confirmation of legitimacy when one binary options operator attempted to bribe them. We are thankful to Finance Feeds, particularly their CEO Andrew Saks-McLeod for exposing this incident and continuing to do the right thing in the face of such corruption. We are often contacted by our clients who claim they have been contacted by their “broker” from the binary options company they invested with, and are informed about ways to recover their money through them. This is a big challenge we face: educating the client on what is real, and what is just another step in the scam. Honestly, we are lucky that the lack of professionalism and often grammar highlights these as obviously spam emails. Knowing the moral compasses of these individuals as we do, nothing surprises us now.


Binary options lawyer

We understand that what is important is trust and the truth. After we have spoken to a client, our first and only interest is finding out if we can help them. If we have the relevant information to get your money back, the final step is connecting you with the right binary options lawyer for your case. Depending on the circumstances of your case will determine which lawyer we recommend. As we know, the binary options scam is international in its nature, however, taking legal action must be done in the relevant jurisdiction. We determine which jurisdiction your binary options lawyer must be in and refer you over to a law firm we trust.

Our network of binary options lawyers has been built slowly and methodically; we meet and assess any potential new binary options lawyer before working with them. We support you throughout the legal process and are always here to consult if needed. Teaming up with the right binary options lawyer is last step to getting your money back where it belongs – in your pocket.

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