• Investors Take Action

    A group of Investors who claim they lost millions of euro in an electronic-trading scam have brought a High Court damages action against an Irish registered firm and Irish and Israeli-based directors. They have sued GreyMountain Management Ltd in the name of our clients. The High court heard that GMM..Read More

  • Running Away From its Debts

    Grey Mountain Management tried in vain to close their fraudulent payment processing company before the authorities and their victims could get to them. Wealth Recovery International, hired Irish law firm Arthur Cox on behalf of our clients to process an injunction to halt GMM going into liquidation. There attempt to..Read More

  • Profiting From The Entire Operation

    Grey Mountain Management offered turnkey solutions to unregulated binary options brands for lead generation and payment processing. Through TRACY PAI, Grey Mountain offered affiliate & marketing solutions, boasting billions of ad impressions every month. GMM used a proxy to conceal high risk transactions to appear as low risk, even creating..Read More