Quitting Binary Options Fraud

Binary Options Fraud

Very sadly, binary options fraud schemes becoming more prevalent around the world. Crooks often prey on unsuspecting victims, using all sorts of psychological tricks to fleece their victims. Alas, it can happen to anyone who hasn’t heard about it.

Fraud schemes often invest huge sums of money in marketing to make the fraud seem legit so, in the beginning, it can be hard to spot the red flags, especially with the sophistication used in the binary options fraud. To help decrease your chances of capital lost and recover your stolen money Wealth Recovery International has written this short guide to victims of binary options fraud schemes.


Stop trading completely

This is the first thing you do if you have reason to believe you are the victim of binary options fraud is to stop. For example, if you can’t withdraw your capital or your broker is acting suspiciously it’s likely you’re caught in a fraud scheme. Do not deposit more money, no matter what your ‘broker’ says. If you can, withdraw as much as you can from your account. Our experience shows that although you want to withdraw all your money, this will raise suspicions with the scammers and they often completely close your account if you take drastic measures such as a request of a full withdrawal. What you want to do is withdraw little and often. Assure them that it is only a short term withdrawal and then you intend to invest it back. So long as they think that the money (and more) will be coming back, they should allow you some initial withdrawals. This is a good way to minimize your total risk before taking legal measures.


if you're trapped in one of binary options fraud schemes cancel your credit card


Cancel credit cards

It’s important to remember that you are dealing with criminals. Do this so that your information is not sold to a third party. This also prevents any broker from swiping your card without authorization or double charging you for any deposits, which are all examples of things that have happened to some of our clients duped by binary options fraud. Cut all access the binary options broker has to your money. If they ask what happened to your card – do not tell them that you cancelled the card because of them. This will alert the scammers to close your account and minimize the risk on their side. As they did with you, the long con is the best way to ensure you get back the money that has been stolen from you.


Write down every conversation

This might take some time. Try to recall all the communication you had with the brokers, including phone conversations, text messages, online chats, and emails. Arrange them in chronological order as best you can. This step is important in the investigation process so the more you gather the better your chances of success. This sort of information pressures the brokers and if it comes to it, you can file a lawsuit against the company. Remember, if you have records of everything that has happened, you have proof of how you have been defrauded. Combined with the type of intelligence we acquire, you are in the best possible situation to getting your money back.


Gather all information you have

Save every document you have with the company, including newsletters, emails, and invoices. If possible, take pictures of your website interface. Do this before they block your access. If you still keep contact with the broker record the phone conversations you have together.


binary options fraud


Calculate how much money you lost

This is sum is worked out by figuring how much you deposited and then subtracting the amount you got back. If you still have access to the system, take screenshots of your account. This information is useful for the investigation in case it becomes a lawsuit.


Visit a therapist

Many countries’ legal systems forbid coercion of individuals who of not of sound mind into investing in risky products. If you do have a psychological condition this can be useful. A therapist can not only help you through the stressful period and if you are treated medically (by a psychiatrist) they can sometimes help with your case.


Binary Options Fraud – Contact Wealth Recovery

We are the best at what we do, and that’s getting your money back. We have had incredible success fighting binary options fraud, usually without even filing a lawsuit. Every case we close gives us more information and evidence for the next case. Scammers fear us because we pursue them and don’t stop until we get your money back.

This guide was created to increase awareness of binary options fraud schemes and help victims know what are the best steps to recovering their funds.


Contact Wealth Recovery International if you believe binary options brokers have defrauded you!