The first thing you need to know is that you are not the only one who has been scammed by the binary options industry. Binary options trading has been identified as a global scam. We estimate that 99% of the companies are not located where they claim to be, and we believe that they have been misrepresenting themselves, exploiting thousands of clients for billions of dollars.

The second thing you should know is that the legal route is the best way to address fraudulent binary options brokers. You can read more about the dishonest practices that occur within the binary options industry in our informative blog. You can also read more about our activities on our press page.

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The process is easy to begin. Fill out the contact form, including your out-of-pocket investment (this refers to the money you deposited, not the “bonuses” or “winnings”).

We gather the business intelligence on the binary options company you traded with in order to assess your claim’s viability. The information we uncover is not easy to come by and gives our network of attorneys the upper hand in recovering your money. We have already identified a significant amount of these perpetrators and helped return millions of dollars to our clients.

If we believe your claim is viable, you will be contacted by a claims analyst who will take you through the steps to recovery. We have attorneys on staff who help us strategize the most effective way to recover money, for example either using the leverage we have, or referring your case over to the most effective jurisdiction, to a law firm within our global network.

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