Stephen Young Races for Wealth Recovery in Nascar Xfinity Series

Images courtesy of BJ McLeod Motorsports

This past Saturday was a first for Wealth Recovery: the sponsorship of race car driver Stephen Young in Nascar’s Xfinity series race. Taking to the track Young drove the blue #78 Wealth Recovery International Chevrolet in the Zippo 200 at The Glen race in Watkins Glen, New York.

Wealth Recovery International sponsors race car driver Stephen Young in his Nascar debut
Stephen raced the blue #78 Wealth Recovery International Chevrolet at Watkins Glen.

Wealth Recovery partnered with Stephen after he was scammed by unregulated binary options companies Magnum Options and Boss Capital. Wealth Recovery is helping Stephen recover his stolen money and decided to sponsor Young in his first appearance at Nascar.

In his debut race at Nascar Young was a member of BJ McLeod Motorsports’ team. Stephen’s participation was the first time an Englishman has raced in Nascar’s Xfinity series. Stephen peaked to 19th place but finished in 36th place after his car’s transmission blew. Stephen left the race boasting the fastest 10-lap average in Happy Hour.

We’re extremely proud of Stephen and wish him luck in the second Xfinity race on Saturday, August 12th at the Nascar Xfinity Mid-Ohio Challenge in Lexington, Ohio.

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  • Amerla

    Good luck . I am one of the victim too. But I could not afford to pay the Layer because of the afront fee. Hoping that professional fee is waved until the investment is recovered. I consumed my 401 k and made aloan to put money on the account and I was promised thy will help me raised the money by their expert broker or account manager. Who disappeared in the scene.

    • Shelley Levin

      Hi Amerla, I’m sorry you have gone through this. If you haven’t already filled in the contact form, please do so and we will see if we can help you.

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