Scam Recovery Companies Posing as Wealth Recovery

Warning: Scam Recovery Companies Posing as Wealth Recovery

It has been brought to our attention that more fraudsters are out there posing as Wealth Recovery International in an attempt to dupe victims of binary options fraud once again. The audacity of these scam artists has no limits, they are posing as one of our lead in-house attorney Tami Hamm using the email address – This is a FAKE EMAIL ADDRESS and not connected to Wealth Recovery International whatsoever. We were contacted by numerous victims of binary options fraud who brought to our attention that email address was and not … as all our emails are. This is one of the tell-tale signs of someone one posing as an official entity when in fact they are the opposite.

Do not interact with anyone at this email address – We know who these actors are and we have taken the appropriate legal action against them.

We are winning the fight against the binary options scammers – this is just more proof of what we are doing is threatening the multi-billion dollar binary options scam industry.

Be very careful with who you share your details with. If you notice anything suspicious please contact Wealth Recovery International immediately and of course, do not give any money to anyone without first ensuring that they are who they say they are.

Attached below is the copy of the fake legal agreement sent from the impersonators. Be warned if you see a contract like this or spot something else suspicious to contact us and ensure you are not being duped by someone posing as Wealth Recovery International.


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  • Wepo Stephen tlakane

    I have deposited 500:0 dollars to zeusoptions when they said it’s Auto trader when I deposit money I was told I must deposit 5000:0 dollars then ask for with drawing my money back till today this happened in July 2017

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