First of all, I want to take this opportunity to say THANK YOU a million times over for your work on my case. You’re truly a Heaven sent and I will do everything I can as to when I see someone else that has gone through what I went through with Binarybook or another similar company I will direct them to you.

– Marisha Young

Tami & Wealth Recovery International,

I would like to thank you you for the GREAT job you did in “getting blood out of a turnip.” That is what it is dealing with those people. I did not expect ot receive any settlement but you did it.

I am delighted with the results and if the need arises and you are available, I would not hesitate to use you or recommend you to anyone who needs an Attorney.

Again, thank you.

Earlier this summer Wealth Recovery International helped a South African man recover 65,000 USD worth of deposits from Plus Option.

This man and his wife first found out about binary options trading from an advertisement they saw online. With a 250 USD deposit, the couple decided this wasn’t a huge amount to risk. The man filled in the form and was contacted by an account manager from a UK number.

Over the course of a month, the account managers coached the man with his trading strategy, taking over his computer with software to help him with the platform, promising him to earn thousands. The man funded his account using his credit card. The account managers assured the client that he would be able to withdraw whenever he liked, and even sent small amounts back to his credit card to demonstrate this.

Working with several account managers, the client was convinced to upgrade his account package – they persuaded him to invest more and more, beginning with 2,500 USD, then 10,000 USD, eventually totaling 65,000 USD (857,000 ZAR – South African Rands).

The clients grew suspicious when the account managers called incessantly, not caring about the man’s time and missing appointment times. He did a little bit of digging on the internet before he contacted Wealth Recovery International, who helped him understand the nature of the scam. Wealth Recovery referred the man to a reputable law firm who helped him recover the full amount of his deposits.

*Due to client confidentiality, the man’s name has been withheld.

Dear Wealth Recovery International,

Thank you! These words cannot fully express my gratitude for your tireless and tenacious effort on my behalf that yielded a great success.

As you well know, I was a victim of an international fraud operation. What I originally thought to be a legitimate investment in a UK-based options investment company, turned out to be a fraudulent operation, well layered in multiple jurisdictions – most of which were operated by criminals using fictitious names and phony identification.

Obviously, I wanted to avoid lengthy and costly litigation, but still get my seven figure investment back, and it happened! You were able to tear down their shields and masks, identify the culprits and force them – through legal means – to return my entire investment.

Your professional and ethical conduct was at the highest level I have ever seen. Your legal and investigative skills have proven that dedication and relentless work, day and night, weekends and holidays included, would yield the best results.

Without hesitation, I would recommend your professional services when there’s a need for a combination of top legal skills in multiple jurisdictions, aided by unique investigative and intelligence gathering capabilities.

Thank you again for a job well done!

– Steven Koel

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