Tami Hamm, Esq. JsD

Chief Legal Strategist

Tami Hamm’s brush with justice came at a young age when she learned about the story of her grandfather who barely survived the concentration camps as a young teenager. Her close and enduring relationship with her grandfather inculcated within her the strong belief that the vulnerable and defenseless need adequate advocacy. Throughout high school and then university, Tami was involved with human rights causes ranging from the genocide in Darfur to worldwide childhood hunger.

For Tami, the natural step after university was to attend law school. While in law school, Tami clerked for two Federal judges, and spent time at a firm devoted to ensuring that dangerous products, containing harmful poisons and toxins, were off consumer shelves. Tami graduated from St. Louis University School of Law in 2006 and was soon recruited to work for a prestigious plaintiff firm in downtown St. Louis. As part of her practice, Tami was involved in pursuing claims against large insurance companies on behalf of her clients who were injured in traumatic railway accidents. For many of these clients, Tami was more than just a lawyer. She was a person who listened and was sensitive to their needs. It was while working at this firm that Tami began to realize how defenseless many people were against corporations and insurance companies.

In 2010, Tami opened her own practice dedicated to helping clients—many of them financially crushed by the 2008 recession—battle against disability insurers, social security, and fraudulent debt collection companies. Tami became very knowledgeable with the Telephone Consumer Protection Act and the Fair Debt Collections Practices Act, and utilized these acts to recover thousands of dollars for her clients.

In 2016, Tami joined the Wealth Recovery team. Her background of fighting complex corporate structures for her clients, combined with her zealous tendency to protect the vulnerable, allowed for an easy transition to dismantling one of the most surreptitious culprits in the financial world: binary options. To make matters worse, binary option companies often targeted defenseless individuals, many who had invested their entire life savings, thinking that their money was in a safe investment option. Tami was quickly brought on board at….to pursue claims against fraudulent binary option companies who have defrauded clients of millions of dollars. At this firm, Tami is committed to ensuring that these fraudulent entities do not get away with these charmingly abusive tactics which have pilfered money from these unknowing individuals. Tami and her firm have been recognized in the press and media for their ability to recover millions of dollars for their clients.

While advocating on behalf of her clients is objectively a full-time job, it is only a part-time gig for Tami. She loves hanging out with her family, trying the next exercise fad, or embarking on a challenging hike—all of which have elements that help her in her law practice.