First of all, I want to take this opportunity to say THANK YOU a million times over for your work on my case. You’re truly a Heaven sent and I will do everything I can as to when I see someone else that has gone through what I went through with Binarybook or another similar company I will direct them to you.

– Marisha Young

Dear Wealth Recovery International,

Thank you! These words cannot fully express my gratitude for your tireless and tenacious effort on my behalf that yielded a great success.

As you well know, I was a victim of an international fraud operation. What I originally thought to be a legitimate investment in a UK-based options investment company, turned out to be a fraudulent operation, well layered in multiple jurisdictions – most of which were operated by criminals using fictitious names and phony identification.

Obviously, I wanted to avoid lengthy and costly litigation, but still get my seven figure investment back, and it happened! You were able to tear down their shields and masks, identify the culprits and force them – through legal means – to return my entire investment.

Your professional and ethical conduct was at the highest level I have ever seen. Your legal and investigative skills have proven that dedication and relentless work, day and night, weekends and holidays included, would yield the best results.

Without hesitation, I would recommend your professional services when there’s a need for a combination of top legal skills in multiple jurisdictions, aided by unique investigative and intelligence gathering capabilities.

Thank you again for a job well done!

– Steven Koel

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