Wealth Recovery at OAC 2017

European Offshore Alert Conference 2017


The 6th Annual European OffshoreAlert Conference (OAC) is in London next week and we’re going to be attending and speaking. The OAC is a worldwide event that brings together experts from around the world in the fields of financial intelligence and Investigations with an emphasis on offshore financial centers.

The OAC is known for its notable speakers from all kinds of industries connected to exposing offshore and fraudulent activities. This year is no exception with talks from an eclectic group including the journalists behind “football leaks” dubbed the football version of WikiLeaks and the widow of Alexander Litvinenko who famously coined the term “mafia state” and fled to UK for asylum. In the wake of the recent Paradise Papers, more attention worldwide has been focused on the upcoming meet up.


Binary Options Fraud

This year Austin Smith will be holding a talk on “Binary Options Fraud: Inside A Multi-Billion Dollar Global Crime Wave”. Despite the size and scale of the binary options scam industry, it is relatively unknown even in these circles how the scam actually works. The binary options scam has garnered the attention of the authorities over the last 12 months and now is the perfect time to educate the people that should know how this scam works to truly know how this scam operates. As the future looks bleak for operators of binary options, the talk will also focus on the potential pivot industries where the scammers are trying to set up shop. These pivot industries include but are not limited to the diamond trading “investments” you may have seen advertised and of course the cryptocurrency/ICO scam that seems to be the next big (scam) bubble.


Austin Smith Binary Options

You can see a live recording of Austin’s talk from London, here

If you are interested in signing up for a free webinar with Austin to learn more about the industry & how we recover funds, sign up here.

We are proud to be attending such a great conference. Spreading the word of the binary options scam that has plagued innocent investors for over a decade.



Below is the recorded excerpt from Austin’s talk at last year’s conference:


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  • LaMarl Richardson

    Thanks for the video presentation. I have filled out the online request. I look to speak with someone soon abuot my issue with Cherrytrade.

  • Nicholas O’leary

    HI, I need help , however I am in Australia, can you help? I lost about $600000 australian dollars. I have issues with xtrade.com (550000) ufx.com (25,000) and 500 plus (30000). Ufx have been awful, they took an initial investment, but any deposit i tried to make to protect trades were thwarted and margin calls happened.

    • Joel

      Hi Nicholas,

      Thanks for reaching out to us and I am sorry you are having to go through this.

      We received your details and will be contacting you shortly for a consultation. I am sure we can help, we are very familiar with the brands you have mentioned.