Wealth Recovery’s Austin Smith: The Plea Deal

Wealth Recovery International’s founder Austin Smith pleaded guilty in a United States court on March 14 in connection with his 2015-2016 employment at Numaris Communications.


Wealth Recovery was founded by Austin Smith upon personally witnessing the corrupt binary options industry. Smith has spoken about his past many times, including in an April 24, 2017 JTA article, in which he said:  Because I worked in the industry, I understand how these companies operate. I feel a responsibility to go ahead and help people.  In the same article he admitted to working in Numaris.  Smith has since admitted in the Stipulation of Facts in US v Smith, case number 8:19-cr-00087, that he had on “certain occasions…obtained recoveries on behalf of Binary Book victims and charged them commissions for their services….”, without disclosing that he used the alias “John Ried” while at Binary Book. Particularly, one such client began working with Wealth Recovery and its counsel in early 2017. Smith did not disclose to this client that he had previously been in contact with him as “John Ried”. Subsequently, WRI and its counsel obtained a full recovery for this client from Binary Book. This client paid WRI and its counsel approximately 31.25% of the recovery in total fees and commissions.  


Wealth Recovery provides a safe outlet for former binary options employees who wish to help victims and redress wrongs they witnessed and committed by disclosing inside information regarding their employers.


Wealth Recovery’s mission statement is two pronged: Firstly, to recover the money stolen by fraudulent trading companies; And secondly, to deter further victimization by exposing the true nature of this global, multibillion-dollar industry. Since its inception, Wealth Recovery has succeeded in both these missions by helping countless victims recover over 8 million dollars.


As told by a client, Ian of Wealth Recovery whose last name is being withheld as we are working on a second claim, “I really appreciate Wealth Recovery International’s help with securing a settlement. Without their insider knowledge, intelligence and facilitation, this would never have been achieved!


Wealth Recovery’s success stems from its ability to use the intelligence gathered and bring forth aggregated civil lawsuits in multiple strategically-placed global jurisdictions through its network of investigators and attorneys. Most recently by working alongside attorneys and investigators in the Philippines against the binary brand FTO Capital. As well as attorneys in Ireland, the USA and Israel to file aggregated claims against GreyMountain Management and associated brands.


Due to Wealth Recovery’s success, clone websites and recovery scams illegally infringe upon our name, content, copyrighted logos and even individual identities. Because of this, Wealth Recovery International was placed on the SEC PAUSE list on October 31, 2018, and removed in November 2018, upon our providing documentation that it was a clone company in violation of the SEC Regulations.  


Wealth Recovery remains committed more than ever in its pursuit of justice for the victims of binary options.  We will continue in our zealous fight against the crime syndicates, gathering the intelligence to locate, track and freeze their assets so that they can be recovered by the victims.

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